My Hugo Experience
GoHugo static site generator

I was searching static site generator from long time. First time when I saw a webinar of Zurb Foudnation I found out that they created Zurb Panini and use it to mockup their projects. I was surprise to see why someone need static site generator. Well those days were for me to do most wordpress websites but I do acknowledge that I also felt there was really need for a static site generator. Basically zurb foundation guys were point of view that before going to CMS and developing something massive why not use any site generator and give your design real looks. Now a days a lot people focusing on site time load due to SEO values. SO I also realized that I need a static site generator as other stuff like Google Accelerated Mobile Pages Project also advocate that new strategy should be used to built your websites. Well having wordpress site or any other dynamic site is ok. But now as being Lead developer I have really no time to do anything. And every single minute I wanted that I should open my vim editor and just put some post.

The idea slowly started and I have looked many solutions to overcome this problem. Of course I also looked at Jekyll(python static site generator) I also used node to create my own generatore which also took my 2 days. But after all efforts I found things were pretty slow. Although I was not writing soemthing very big but it just came in mind why not I use big sites generate statically, as the aim of the content is to be published on internet and get more visitors. Business always look for new ways to get more visitor, than why not static site. Well now I was working in Teleco compnay so heard was here about hugo, CGRates is developed in hugo and too many expert were telling me to use this language to develop telecom billing/rating system or at least used open source system. So suddenly I find GoHugo. This program is developed in Go Language but on performance this is really monster, it is very very fast.

As being senior developer every time handling 6-7 developers whom I assign some good solution require me to give them tasks, and solve their problem. I never realized that when I solve problem I must write them, and few times I did some complicated solution but did not wrote and again when I faced same problem, I have nothing in my documentation. So again same one day struggle, so I decided now each day whenever I do anything innovative will definitely write on my blog, so I can quickly let my developer know that they dig it on my blog. I have made following very fast workflow.

  1. I am using vim as my editor
  2. I write command hugo new post/postname
  3. Than I use vim content/post/postname
  4. I write whole content and proof read it
  5. Than I save it, and run hugo again.
  6. I have setup hugo in a way that when I run it, it generate new page, minify, compressed and than upload it to my server

So this is very fast workflow which I really want to do for my blogging.

Good luck to your beautifull coding and fastest hugo workflow.