Bitnami DIDWW Appliance installation
Bitnami DIDWW Appliance installation

Installation of Bitnami Appliance

I was working on a project where someone created Joomla plugin and also provided image of virtual machine. When I started I got few problems. Although this machine was old and as currently joomla 2.5 is no more being supported, but to run this I need to run this machine. It was made using Bitnami Lamp stack. Which was very good in runing.

I used where they hae place their virtual machine. As I am mac user and normally use Virtualbox so I just tried to import this machine. But due to multiple part VDMK I got problem and it was not importing. I knew cause was that I have to join these all files for which utility was in vmware. So instead of doing all those efforts I thaught why not give try to vmware fusion as they were made on it. Well my luck was still in problem when I installed it gave me another error. I figure out it was error of SHA validation, so I used following codes first I opened .mf file


Now open another terminal and run following commands

openssl sha1 bitnami-joomla-1.5.23-0-ubuntu-10.10.vmdk

it give me sha codes, so I just copied it in my .mf file which is opened in another vim

openssl sha1 bitnami-joomla-1.5.23-0-ubuntu-10.10.ovf 

This command also generated string so I copied both them in my .mf file and removed all previous content. now I have new matching file.

Installation of VMware machine

Now I imported and it all gone very well it run smoothly and my joomla with didww’s plugin was ready to run. Now I forwarded ip addresses to my developer but still I have to do some work. Like on bitnami machine there was no SSH isntalled so I have to do following after login on my machine as username: bitnami and password bitnami.

sudo mv /etc/init/ssh.conf.back /etc/init/ssh.conf
 sudo start ssh

Now I try to access using my terminal and following commands

ssh bitnami@ipaddress

Voila it all worked and now I can easily login. As I use to access using my system, so my font style, views and vim capability remain same. And it is great to work in my mac than going to another machine.

#####Setting up Phpmyadmin Another task was to make sure my developer can also access mysql database using phpmyadmin. Bitnami always use to create tunnel to access using local ip address. well it is sort of good policy but my local machine is just sample so I opened and removed all restrictions from it using following method.

sudo vi /opt/bitnami/apps/phpmyadmin/conf/httpd-app.conf

I changed its configuration by commenting following

  # AuthType Basic
  # AuthName phpMyAdmin   
  # AuthUserFile "/opt/bitnami/apache2/users" 
  # Require valid-user 

and also changed following line from Allow from to

Allow from all

Now I have to restart apache so all my configuration can take effect. I have used following commands to restart it

cd /opt/bitnami
sudo ./ restart apache

That is all it was working but I notice this machine has Joomla 1.5 and when I try to use it is not connecting as they are no more supporting this machine. But still I learned many things while doing this. and important thing I Loved Bitnami appliance, it is very nice small file with full Lamp stack and I can make my own scripts ready to go startup projects and forward it to my developer. As I notice most of time developer waste their time in setting up environment and os installations. So this is great to save time.

Thank you reading, Happy coding.