Bitnami DIDWW Appliance installation

Installation of Bitnami Appliance I was working on a project where someone created Joomla plugin and also provided image of virtual machine. When I started I got few problems. Although this machine was old and as currently joomla 2.5 is no more being supported, but to run this I need to run this machine. It was made using Bitnami Lamp stack. Which was very good in runing. I used http://open.

My Hugo Experience

I was searching static site generator from long time. First time when I saw a webinar of Zurb Foudnation I found out that they created Zurb Panini and use it to mockup their projects. I was surprise to see why someone need static site generator. Well those days were for me to do most wordpress websites but I do acknowledge that I also felt there was really need for a static site generator.